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Today's Joke

You know you have semester burnout when...

  1. Your parents inquire about your grades and you sing the cookie monster song (C is for cookie, that's good enough for me...)
  2. You have spent more time figuring out that you only need a 54% on the final to pass than you have actually spent studying.
  3. You are swamped with homework and spend your time making up a list like this.
  4. You start showering after class rather than before.
  5. The test papers are no longer worthy of the fridge door.
  6. The campus drunk tells you that you should study more.
  7. Your favorite paperweight says "Samuel Adams - Pale Ale" (or the name of your favorite non-alcoholic yet semi-intoxicating beverage)
  8. Visions of the upcoming weekend help you to make it through the day - on Monday.
  9. Your absences exceed your attendance.
  10. Your study schedule is based on the rationale that you "might" actually die before the test.

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