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What is MyHumor.org?

People ask me, "Why do you spend all that time looking at jokes?" And, "Don't you have anything better to do?" I love telling jokes. I always have. So I guess that I just naturally fell into this.

I first started (like just about everyone, I guess) e-mail jokes that I found to my co-workers. Some liked it and some didn't, so I started an e-mail list that people could sign up for (by e-mailing me and asking me to add them to the list). I was just getting started learning web design, so I used this as a project to learn how to design web pages. I liked it so much, that now that's what I do!

The most important aspect of this site for me is the filtering process I go through to qualify jokes for the site. I try to reject anything that I feel would be questionable for a variety of reasons that I don't want to mention on my site, as well as any joke that degrades anyone for any reason. Hopefully, I've accomplished that goal.

I like to think that the jokes on this site help us laugh at ourselves and each other without making fun or feeling superior to each other. However, if you find a joke, advertisement or anything else on this site that you find objectionable, please let me know. I will evaluate your position and make a determination as to whether or not I will continue using it on my site.

Thanks again for stopping by! Enjoy your visit and let us know if there is any way we can improve our site.