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Kid Safe = Safe for Kids

Our clean jokes are safe for children of all ages

We recognize that the growth of broadband technology in the past few years has made the Internet a lot more accessible. Although the extended reach boosted the number of computer literates, the downside is that even children (minors) can now easily dive into the world wide web without much supervision and monitoring from their parents. As such, we'd like to think of this move as our own little way of being responsible citizens of the 'net.

At MyHumor.org, our goal has always been to provide funny, clean jokes that are safe for children of all ages. We will not put any joke on our site that we would not tell in front of our children. Sometimes it is a hard policy to maintain, because we find some REALLY FUNNY jokes that are a little bit questionable. However, we always ask ourselves whether we would want our children reading those jokes and then the decision is easy.

Since 1997, we have stood by our commitment to be the Internet's premiere resource for funny, clean jokes and you have our word that you will ONLY find FUNNY, CLEAN JOKES on our site.

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