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Wednesday, October 21, 2020


TO: All Employees

Our company lawyers have decided to require the following agreement before any employee will be permitted to purchase coffee from the cafeteria:


Subject to my satisfaction, I shall provisionally approve your dispensing, for probative purposes only and with no representation of likely sufficiency for our requirements, a cup, container or vessel of appropriate thermal and volumetric capacities, of brewed liquid beverage, caffeinated, commonly labeled "coffee", "joe", or "java", of ordinary density, with reasonable and customary quantities of sucrose and common 3.2% milk. Upon sample and analysis, if satisfied and only then, we will offer, for immediate acceptance only, a sum of money to be paid in species of arbitrary denomination, which if accepted by you will constitute your accession, stipulation and agreement to a transaction of sale, waiving however no responsibility for failure of the said beverage to conform to manufacturer's express warranty, which you underwrite and assume, that the said product will prove "good to the last drop", in the subjective judgment of the customer, and reserving no immunity from incidental and consequential damages in a properly-adjudicated sum.

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