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Here is our daily, clean joke about aging and getting older. No one is safe as we find great jokes about retirement, being middle-aged, being over-the-hill and the sad, but funny things that begin to happen to us as we age, such as memory loss, loss of hearing, poor eyesight and more. Grow old gracefully with a smile on your face as you read our clean aging jokes.

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Today's Joke About Getting Older

Monday, December 11, 2023

Don't Swear in front of the kids

On the birth of my daughter, I made an effort to curb my colorful vocabulary, quite successfully, I thought, until the following exchange between Mom and our three year old caught my attention:

Mom: Jane, sit down for dinner.

Jane: I need to go upstairs and tell Poppy we are home.

Mom: Jane...sit down.

Jane: I need to tell Poppy.

Mom: Sit down; he already knows we are home.

Jane: No he doesn't. I just heard him say !@#%@ and #%@!*.

* Expletives omitted.

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