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This is the page where you'll find daily clean jokes about marriage. Find jokes about husbands and wives, weddings, and all the other funny stuff that happens in marriage. You'll find a new clean marriage joke every day.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The timid man had been advised by his psychiatrist to go home and assert himself. "Don't let your wife bully you anymore. Go home and show her who's the boss."

So, the timid soul went home, banged the door shut, and said in a loud voice, "Now get this! From now on, I'm the boss in this joint, and I'm giving the orders and you're obeying them. Now get busy and get my supper on the table right away and after that, lay out my clothes because I'm going out tonight -- alone -- in my tuxedo. And, do you know who's going to dress me in my tuxedo and black tie?"

"Yes, dear," replied the wife softly, "the undertaker."

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