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Clean Marriage Jokes

This is the page where you'll find daily clean jokes about marriage. Find jokes about husbands and wives, weddings, and all the other funny stuff that happens in marriage. You'll find a new clean marriage joke every day.

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Today's Joke About marriage

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Foiled Escape

The police took a prisoner in to the local hospital to have a complaint checked out.

During his stay, he asked to use the restroom. The officer escorted him to the patient restroom and stood watch right outside the door. He was in there for quite some time.

Eventually, someone from radiology came down the hall saying that they heard swearing coming from the ceiling in their department.

Upon entering the restroom, they found a ceiling tile missing and no prisoner.

Sure enough, he was in the ceiling in the radiology hallway. He had run into a solid structure in the ceiling and had no where to go.

It took another 30 minutes to get him out.

What? That's not funny. That's not even a joke! - ed.

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