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Clean Marriage Jokes

This is the page where you'll find daily clean jokes about marriage. Find jokes about husbands and wives, weddings, and all the other funny stuff that happens in marriage. You'll find a new clean marriage joke every day.

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Today's Joke About marriage

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Majority Vote

The pastor of a church decided that God was calling his church to do something different than it had done before. So at the elders meeting, he presented the new vision with as much energy, conviction and passion as he could muster. When he had finished and sat down, the senior elder called for a vote. All 12 elders voted against the new vision, with only the clergyman voting for it.

"Well, pastor, it looks like you will have to think again," said the senior elder. "Would you like to close the meeting in prayer?"

So the priest stood up, raised his hands to heaven, and prayed, "LOOOOOOORD!...will you not show these people that this is not MY vision but it is YOUR vision?"

At that moment, the clouds darkened, the thunder rolled, and a bolt of lightning burst through the window and struck the table at which they were sitting, breaking it in two and throwing the pastor and all the elders to the ground.

After a moment's silence, as they were all getting up and dusting themselves off, the senior elder spoke again.

"Well, that's twelve votes to two then."

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