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If you're looking for clean jokes, you've come to the right place. We (I say we, but there's really no we, only just me) have lots of clean jokes and clean humor of all types. Every day, (OK, not every day, but at least every once in a while), I scour other joke sites, rack my brain and bug my friends (the few that I have left) and family to come up with new clean jokes for the daily jokes in each of the clean jokes categories. I dig through all the joke garbage out there and filter it to bring you only clean jokes and categorize them to help you find what is interesting to you.

Here at, I try to provide clean humor in the form of jokes, lists, cartoons and lots of other clean humorous stuff. Although definitions of a clean joke vary from place to place and person to person, my personal definition is clean jokes are jokes (preferably funny, but not necessarily) that do not make fun of anyone in particular or any group of people and do not offend anybody. How do I determine this when placing jokes on the site? I read the jokes and then imagine telling the jokes to my children (ages 3 and 5). If they're not something I can tell them, I don't put them on the site.

I'm also looking for your clean jokes. To send me your clean jokes for me to review and put on the site, simply click on the "Know a Good Joke?" link in the left-hand column. I will even credit the jokes to you if you so desire.

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy your visit and the clean jokes. ;o)